Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm No Failure..!

Hello World..

Sorry To Be So Annoying And Down Lately.. But That's How I Feel Can't Fake It..! You May See Me Laugh and Goof Around.. But I'm Sure I Do Cry When I Have Those Hard To Deal with Moments..

I Hate This Feeling Of Being Useless.. And Unable to Face Life Challenges On My Own.. Or Unable To Know Whether I'm Good enough To Fit In The REAL WORLD..!

To Be Honest... I Never Got The Chance To.. And I'm Ok With It Cuz I Know.. This Will Happen Sooner Or Later ( Inshallah ).. But Sometimes, Being On The Same Spot While Others Are Moving On Is Kinda Hard.. Specially When People Around You Point To Your Life As It's Uncompleted Yet..! It's Like You Are Not Aware Of What's Already Missing..! So They Keep Mentioning It Every Time They Get The Chance To.. You Can't Help It But to Face Them with A Smile.. While Something Is Shattering From Within..! ;/

You Gonna Tell Me Don't Listen Or don't Care.. Well I Can't , I Got Nothing Else To do But to Listen..!
With Everything Going On Around Me.. I'm Sure I'll Be Down For Quite Not Long ( Ma3laih Ta7mloni shway ;p ) .. But I'm Sure I'll Be Up Again.. Once I Regain My Strength Cuz:

" Things Get Worse Before They Get Better..! " And This Bad Chapter Of My Life Will Soon Be Closed ( Inshallah ).....

So At The Very end.. I Tell Myself.. " I'm No Failure.. I Just Didn't Get The Chance To Prove It..! "

Ps: kinda Personal but Hope It Inspires At Least One, And Dunno why but Felt Like The song fit :p Hope you like It..!

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