Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kuwait University Graduation " 11-4-2011 "

Hi All..

Yom Alathnen Ely 6af.. Kan 7afel ta5arj Aljam3a.. 6b3an kal 3ada kan loya o 7oosa.. o la testa'3rbon etha ga3da aktb em3arab.. madri laish mzaaaaaj :p

Anyway.. Kan 9ij loya o mako tan'9eem m3ana ana shayfa nas mt3ben 3omrhom o emna'9men bs 3adad al5rejen o alnas ely 7a'9ra was too much to handle..!!


But It Was Fun meeting with Frndz from college.. and from high school.. it was THE FUN PART Catching up with them.. And Ofcoure Posing for PHOTOS :p

And It's My first Time To Put videos.. Hope They work..
first one Is About When They Announce Our College " CBA ".. awal shay kela '9alma bs give a time lol :p
 o 7ada loya ma3raft sh9awer o sh5alii wela 9re5 m3ahom xD

And The Second vid Is About The Firworks After The Whole Cereomny Took Place It Was Nice.. :D

Bs What i Hated The Most Some girls.. ONCE They Saw me they Asked 2 Simple Questions..
" Ma Tezawjtai..?!! "
" Ma Eshta'3altai..?!! "
I'm ok with these questions.. but It Just made me feel like There's something missing.. Well I Know.. it's just not The Right Time Yet.. Why The Rush.?!!!

o 6b3an la ansaa far7aat Ahaliii,, My mom was There.. and my little sis.. my Big Aunt and her daughter.. And My aunt Brought Me Flower Ring To Put It All Around Felt like An Honoer Student :P hehe This Pic at Home after I took It Off. :p

To0 bad my Dad An Big Sisi and Bros.. couldn't Make It.. But Dad and Big sis.. Brought Me A Cake And dinner At Home As A Surprise.. :D Yaaaaay... Small Celebration Which Meant alot To Me..

We Had Fun That Day.. !
o sorry alpics not that High quality thingy.. But.. That's what I Can Post Here..

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