Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Much Are You Willing To Give..?!!

Hello Everyone..

The Tittle Was A Draft For A While.. And When I Thought About It I Realized.. Giving Isn't Only About Material World.. Now I'm Not An Expert In Categorising " GIVING ".. But All I Know Is How We Give Each Day Without Knowing..!

Even A Smile For A Stranger Consider As Giving.. I'd Love To Think About It As Giving A Peice Of Your Soul.. Don't Get Wrong.. You Are Not Giving Away Any Part Of Who You Are.. You Like Spreading The Goodness Inside You In Someone Else's Soul...

So As Giving Away A Toy, Food, Colthes, Money Or Anything Is Because You Give Them To Someone Who Needs Them Or Just Because You Want To..! But Some People Don't Need That.. Some People Only Want Respect.. And Some Want Care, Love, Hug, Friend, And Some People Want Nothing From You So Give Them Something Which Is Letting Them Live In Peace..!

You Can Think About It And You'll Realize You Give A lot Through Ur Day Without Knowing.. And Each Little Thing You Do Has An Effect On You.. And What's Around You..

But What Make It Hard Is Giving So Much Without Recieving Any.. That's When You Ask Youself " How Much Am I Willing To Give..?! "

You Don't Need Anything In Return For Being Who You Are.. If You Are A Truely Giver.. Don't You Ever Expect Anything In Return.. If You Get Something It's Ok.. But If You Didn't Don't Let That Break You..!

And Always Remember: " You Get The Best Out Of Others.. When You Give The Best Of Yours..!" By Harvey S. Firstone 

So Don't Ask How Much I'm Willing To Give.. Always Ask " What More Can I Give..?! "

P.s :( So Always " Give You Heart Out.. It Might Be Someone Else's New Start..!" )



  1. من اروع البوستات اللي قريتها

    حدي خليتيني اتفائل


    يا رب الله يعطي كل واحد على نيته

  2. 7abebti wallaah
    so glad You liked it :D

    ameeen yaraab :D