Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl In The Mirror...

Locked Herself In Her Room.. Thinking.. Distracted From Everything But Herself.. When You Look At Her.. She's Nothing But A Shallow Girl.. Self-centered.. Nothing Matters As Long As Her Only Lonely World Is At Peace..

Who Cares About Global Warming When She Think She's The Hottest Person On Earth..! Who Cares About World's Starvation Increased Rates When She Starve Herself To Keep In Shape..! Or Who Even Cares About Animal Testings When She Got All The Expensive Cosmetics That She Needs.. In Smaller Words.. The World Is All About Her..! She's All Happy With What She Have..

She Was Looking At Herself At The Mirror.. Smiling.. Suddenly.. A Tear Started To Drop.. Her Smile Slowly Disappeared.. She Stared Back At Her Reflection.. Couldn't Take It Anymore Looked Down Covered Her Face With Her Two Hands And Started To Cry Hysterically..

" What's Wrong Dear, What's These Tears Are All About..?! " A Voice Came Next To Her.. She Didn't Bother To Look.. She Raised Her Head And Looked Back At Herself In The Mirror Again.. Answering: " *Deep Sigh* This Girl Is No Longer Me..! "

The Voice Replied: " No It's You.. Sure Some Things Changed.. But It Is You.." , " Well, I Don't Love The New Me.. It's Like I'm Covering My Reality And Pretending To Be Someone I Can Never Be..! " She Answered..

She Continued.. " And No One Would've Love Me If I Didn't Change The Way I Look.. I Now Have Friends That I Can't Count In My Two Hands Before I Only Had Two.. " .. Took A Deep Breath In.. And Said: " More People Smile At Me.. And More Are Talking To Me Now.. More People Care To Look At Me.. ".. Then The Little Voice Next To Her Interrupted: " That's Good, Isn't That What You Always Wanted..?!"

Had A Moment Thinking For A Bit And Said In Uncertain Way.. " Yeeeaah.. But.. I.. I Wanted Them To Love As I Was Before.. But No They Love Me Now..! " The Voice Replied Back : " So You Admit That You Changed Yourself Just To Please Other People Other Than Yourself..?!" That's When She Answered: " Although This Sound Bad When You Said It.. But Yes That's What I Did... "

" Then You Got To Blame No One But Yourself.. You Shouldn't Change Who You Are Just To Make Other Accept You..!" The Voice Said..  That's When She Laughs And Say : " This World Is So Fake.. So I Won't Fit If I'm Not Fake..! "

" Now Wait A Minute.. Don't Start To Blame The Fake World.. Even If The World Is Fake You Weren't Have To Change.. Maybe You Saw Those Changes May Help Your Life A Little Bit.. There's No Harm In That.. It's Still You With Few Changes.. Your Memories.. You Interests.. Your Family And Friends.. Are All Here Within Your Heart.. And If You Didn't Accept Youself The Way You Were.. And The Way You Are.. And The Way You'll Become.. Who Else Would..?! "

The Voice Continued Without Giving Here The Chance To Reply: " Sure We Change Over Time.. But These Changes Were Made By You.. If You Loved Who You Are From The First Place.. Those Changes Wouldn't Let The Real You Disapper Over Time.." She Smiled After Hearing That.. And Took Make Up Remover Tissue.. And Started To Remove Her Make Up.. After All This Crying Her Face Started To Look Like A Clown.. And Said : " You Are Right.. It's Not About The Make Up.. Or New Clothes.. New Friends.. New Attitude.. Or Even The New Me.. As Long As These Changes Improve The Real Me And Not Taking It Away That's What Matter..! "

After Removing All The Make Up.. She Looked At Herself And Smiled.. Looked Beside Her There Was No One There.. That's When She Realized She Was Talking To The Real Her.. Or Let's Just Say Herself..!

You Only Looked At Her.. You Just Didn't Look Bryond Her..!

The End..

P.s:( Don't Be Afraid Of Making Some Changes As Long As They Add To You Not Take From You..! )

A Short Story By Me..
Hope You liked It..


  1. Wow MashAllah i just loved the story. was that written by you? darn! it was so touchy :(

    Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ~Harvey Fierstein

  2. Yeah I Wrote It.. :D
    Really Glad you Loved It :D This Means I'm doing Somthing RIGHT..!

    Loved The quote Amazing One..!

  3. Something beyond those written letters have been expressed.
    Glad to hear there are intelligent minds out there who think over what is set in front of them.
    Really loved those words of yours many people fail to receive this message, and by reading your words it reaches a whole new level.
    Keep up the good work i really loved the whole conversation between oneself and his conscience.
    I truly loved it <3

  4. Aww.. Your Words Were Really Sweet.. It Really Means Alot To Me To Read Them..

    I'm Glad You Loved This Story.. I Was Thinking It Maybe Weak Or Something But Really Glad The Meaning Behind Is Reached..

    Thanks For Stepping By And Supporting My Blog.. :**