Friday, September 9, 2011

@MaskTales 's Creepy Story Competition...

Hello There..

Been Through A Scary Thing.. Creepy Momemnts.. Or You Are Just Fascinated About The Horror World..!!

So It's Been Announced Shortly About  @MaskTales 's Creepy Stroy Competition..!!!
Check It Out:
 In Arabic: Here
In English: Here
An Example: Here

Well It's Your Chance To Write About It.. Share The Experience.. Share The Horror.. Get Creative.. Your Story Could Be From Your Imagination.. But Wouldn't It Be More Scarier If It's True..?!!!

And Je3da This Really Made My Day..

So Glad I Inspired You To :D And Good Luck...
Will Send My Story Soon Inshallaah :D

P.s: ( Hey You, You Are Still Reading..?!! Go Ahead And Start Writting..!!! :p )