Monday, September 19, 2011

One Door Closed.. Another Opens..

Hello Again..

It's Life... Lots Of Lessons.. Lots Of Mistakes.. Lots Of Chances.. Lots Of Disappointments.. Lots Of Open Doors.. And Of Course Lots Of Closed Ones..

It's Not Easy When A Door You Waited For To0 Long To Open And Got This Close From It You Find Out It's Locked Again.. Sometimes You Have To Look For Other Doors To Open So You Can Finally Open This One.. Sometimes You Just Have To Wait Till It Opens.. Other Times You Just Have To Convince Yourself That This Door Will Not Open..!

So Many Reasons Unexplained Ones Behind Closed Doors.. Maybe What's Behind Them Is Just Not For Us.. Or Maybe We Are Not Yet Ready To Face This New Challenge..

Prepare Yourself To Get Slammed By Doors.. Prepare Yourself To Stand In front Not Only One Closed Door But Many.. But This Will Not Stop You To Look For The Next Door You're Suppose To Open..!

And Always Put In Your Mind.. " These Doors Are Only Closed Not Locked.. " If It's Not Gonna Open Today.. Someday, Somehow It Will.. Just Not Now..!

P.s :( Don't Forget Those Closed Doors Are Meant To Open.. By The Chosen Keys..! )


  1. wow ... really im speechless... you are so right .. i always believe in one word HOPE .. If you keef hoping all the doors will open someday somehow..

  2. Rainy : We Should Never Give Up Hope..!
    Though Sometimes It's So Hard To Hold On To It !!