Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rocks Along The Way..!

Hello There...

Something Happened The Past Week.. As Always Not Going Through Details.. But I'm Going Through What Came Out Of It..!

I Realized We Create Our Own Paths In Life.. And Do Everything To Reach Where We Want To Be.. But Sometimes This Path Ain't That Easy.. There Will Be A Time When You Are All Alone.. There Will Be A Time When You Will Slip Away.. And There Will Be A Time Where You Cross Paths With Someone Who Will Help To Shift You Away From What You Want..!

So Thanks To That Person Who Was Able To Shift Me Away.. But You Know What.. You Did Something Good To Me.. I'm Finally Sure Of What I Want.. And What I'm Looking For.. I'm Finally Sure That I'm Ready To Pursue My Dreams.. Thanks To You.. I'm No Longer Afraid Or Scared To Be Out In The Open.. Thanks To You I Won't Hesitate About My Future Again..

And Last.... Glad I Had The Chance To Know You.. And I Guess I Should Thank You For Being That Rock I Slipped On.. To0 Bad You Are No Longer Needed Cuz I'm Up Again :D ..!!


  1. مَرْيَم أَشْكَنَانِي : Yup :P Thaaanks :***

  2. Wish you all the best dear , and always keep in mind that you deserve the best , everything happened in our lives is taking a step further to happiness :)

  3. NewQ8 Bride: Thaaaaanks A lot for those sweet words :***

  4. 7abeeeeeeeebttiii ma tit9awreen shkither im glad and almost teared up when reading this post! u know what u said is what i want to say one day im still suffering but inshallah i get stronger like u and get along..


  5. Gold Medal Ribbon : 7abebtii wallaaah it's hard at first but u will get over it after thinking :*** no worries :D

    I'm happy For u cuz i know u will get over it :***

  6. as i always say .... NNNNNNNNNNNNEXT ;)

  7. RED_SONJA_Q8 : eeeeh Wallaaah Neeeeext :P hehheeee