Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Her/Him For A Minute..!!

Hello There..

You Know How When You Get Into A Situation And You Are So Upset About It And Share It With Your Friends And They Tell You: '' Yeah I Understand How You Feel..! ''.. They Do Understand But Some Might Underestimate How You Really Feel.. And You Are More Likely To Believe The Person Who Say To You: '' Yeah I Know, I've Been There Before..! '' Cuz Both Of You Are Facing Or Faced The Same Thing So You Can Understand How Both Of You Feel Or Felt.. And Share With Each Other The Ways To Get Out Of That Situation Or Whatever It Is..

That Person Can Be Found.. But Not Always.. So Why Not That Person Be You..?!

How You Ask..?

Alright.. It's True That This Is Gonna Be Hard.. Not Always Will You Be Able To Understand Others.. Not Always You Will Face What They Face.. Not Always Will You Have The Answers They Need.. Not Always Will You Care.. But There Is One Thing You Can Do.. " Put Yourself In Their Shoes '' As They Say..

And This Doesn't Have To Work Only For Family, Friends Or Whoever You Know.. Strangers To0..!!
Yup.. Whatever People Do.. Wheather It Upsets You Or Not.. Just Put Youself In Their Position And Be Them For A While.. You Will Understand Even For A Little Bit How Does It Feel To Be Them.. You Will Excuse Their Actions.. You Will Forgive Their Mistakes.. And This Will Save You From Hating Them.. Or Being Angry At Them..

Just Open Up And Relax.. We All Not Perfect.. We Are Just Us.. We Complete Each Other..!


  1. true friends will always know the way to take you out of it ^_^ I know mine did 7mdilaa they are the best "LOVE THEM"

  2. And This Is A bless When The Closest People Understand You..

  3. I loved the post .. well said ;)

  4. Hadi : Thanks A Lot This Means Big For Me :D