Monday, October 24, 2011

What I Do When I Miss You..?!!

Hello There..

Dunno How The Title Is Related But That What Crossed On My Mind..

But Anyway..

You Know How When You Get Closer With Few People.. And By Time You Become Friends.. And As The Days Pass By Your Friendship Or Let's Just Say Your Relationship ( In General ) With Them Get Stronger Or Weaker.. And This Depends On Lots Of Things..

Well.. I'm Not Gonna Talk About That.. But I'll Get To The Point I Promise.. The Thing Is.. " Have You Ever Thought About Testing Them..?! ''

You Know To Have That Solid Prove That They Care About You Or Not.. And To Realize You Are Important To Them..!! Have You Ever Thought About That..?!!

It's A Great Idea At The Moment.. But Don't You Thing Testing People Is Kinda Unacceptable.. Why You Create A Test Of Your Own.. When You Can Both Test Each Other In Real Life And In Real Situations.. And You Never Know A Real Friend Only By Time.. Why Rush it Now..?! And Who Ever Told You That Your Tests Are Dependable And Reliable.. You Might Be Able To Control The EXPERIMENT But Never The OUTCOME..!

And What Get Me Mad Is When People Stay Away For A While Without Saying A Word.. And Wait For Someone To Ask About Them As A Test Of Course.. Well You Can't Test When I'm Gonna Miss You.. Or How Do I Care About You..!! This Is Just A Waste Of Time.. You Just Lost The Possible Time To Spend It With Those People.. And Why You Do That When This Whole Test Put Your Friendship On A Risk To Lose It..!

As For Me I'd Rather Never Test The People Around Me.. There Will Be A Time When True Friends Arise  From Fake Ones.. There Will Be A Time When I Figure Out Who Does Really Care About Me And Who Doesn't.. I Don't Need Tests I Need Time.. I'll Take It Slow To See What's Inside You.. As For Now.. I Enjoy Being Your Friend..!

Cuz No One Knows Who's The First To Go.. Me.. Them.. Or Our Friendship.. Just Don't Risk It..!

Little Thoughts By Me..


  1. My friends are very good and mind games but i am stupid when it comes to maths and mind games :P

    One of my best freind play mind game and he is successful in his strategy in short terms but for long term nah!

    Good people are rare these days so hold them tight :P

    So i thank you for being my good sissie

  2. Kuwait'S blog: Well Even If He's Good In Mind Games Not A Better Excuse To Test Others..
    But As You Said Good People Are Rare To Find..
    And Thanks For Being A Bro :D

  3. Loved the post ... I totally agree specially with "I Don't Need Tests I Need Time ..."
    enshallah all your friends are real ones ;))

  4. Hadi: So glad You loved it :D
    And Inshallah yours To0 !!