Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brand New Beginning..!


Today I Started A Whole New Chapter In My Life.. Happy Yet Nervous.. Full Of Hope Yet Afraid To Get Disappointed..!!
But No Matter What.. I Have Faith That Everything Will Fine.. And I Won't Forget That God Will Always Be There.. And Of Course Family & Friends..

The Last Page Of My Previous Chapter Was Colorful..!! It's Just Amazing When You Feel How Special You Are.. To People Around You.. With Small Little Words And From The Bottom Of The Heart Wishes.. That Can Brighten You Day..!!

Yeah.. Thanks To All Of Those Who Cared Enough To Make Me Smile.. And To Those Who Were Their For Me.. To Support Me.. To Love Me.. And Even To Just Be Beside Me..! I Love You All <3<3

Yet My New Chapter Isn't That Easy.. Well We Are Still At Page One.. But  I Know It Will Be A Long Tough Road.. I'm So Anxious To Advance In My Life.. I So Want To Be Independent.. But Yet I Need To Take One Step At A Time.. No Matter How Long I'll Wait.. It's Gonna Happen ( Inshallah ).. No Matter How Lost I Feel Inside.. I Know I'll Find My Way.. Cuz I Just Don't Want To Let Anyone Down..!

I Know I Want everything to Happen Fast.. But I Should Wait.. And Give It Time.. There's No Need To Rush.. So I'll Just Relax.. And Wait For Everything To Happen When It's Suppose To Happen..

And To Me.. " It's The Happy Ending To A Brand New Beginning..!! "

Ps: ( I Was Happy.. Then Kinda Felt Down.. So I Wrote Those Words To express Something Inside.. And To Keep Reminding Myself.. To Keep On Waiting.. And Dreaming.. For Better Things To Come.. :D )


  1. So .. ...... What's the new chapter about, are you like a completely new person now?

  2. What This Chapter Is All About Is Not Defind Yet..
    And I'm Not A Completely New Person Now.. t's Just Me With New Goals To Achieve..!

  3. Keep at it and always learn from your past mistakes.

    its nice to start over with a clean slate, the rest of your life from this moment on is not written or predetermined , make it yours :D

  4. Inshallaah I Will..

    Yeah It's Nice To Start Over Focusing On Spcific Things ...

    Thanks For Stepping By...

  5. wooooow i am happy cuz ur happy with ur new chapter!! 3asaaaa doooom inshallaah;**** o inshallah allah e7agiglich all of ur goals! o like u said step by step inshallah;)

  6. Thanks Bint ilKuwait.. :***
    Inshallaah ur Goals To0 7abebtiii Entaai ;***