Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Option.. Sucks..!

Welcome New Year...
I Actually Spent The First Day Of The New Year With Family.. I Had Fun.. Joyful Moments..
But Yet.. Second Day... Kinda Not In The Mood.. Feeling So Down...
And This Is What I'll Write About Today.. Second Day, About " Second Option "...

Yeah.. Sometimes.. I Feel So Down When People Keep Me As A Second Option To Their Plans..!!
I Mean Come On Wouldn't Be Nice If You Were The First To Think About When Planning For Something... Instead Of Coming To You when They Ran Out Of Options..

Well To Me It Just Sucks.. And It Make Me Felt So Down.. It Made Me Felt Used.. But When I Had A Second Thoughts About It... I Said To Myself  " Maybe I'm A Second Option.. Cuz I'm Always There For Them.. Or I Never Let Them Down.. Or Cuz I Never Said A No As an Answer.." Well I Sure Know How To Make Myself Feel A Little Better..!!! ;P " Always A Second But Not A First " :p lool

But From Now On.. I Just Won't Accept Being Used That Way.. Cuz It Really Hurts.. Well I'm not Saying Being 2nd Is Bad... I Dunno About You But.. It Sucks..!!!

PS: ( Well Kinda A Personal Blog :p And Wrote What I Felt..Dunno About Ya Guys...! )


  1. You shouldn't be with someone that takes you as a back up plan. Just as much as they don't want to be your 2nd plan, you shouldn't be theirs.

    Don't hang out with those types of people, either that or they get their act straight.

  2. 9a7 kalamich i think everyone hates to be the second option but sometimes ilnas tith6ar ena they choose second option 3ala 7asab ilthroof ..
    Gabel kint ee i hate it but now 9irt I Don't care:D

  3. To " Kuwaitiful " : Yeah, That's What I'll Do From Now On..!!
    The Best Way Not To Get Hurt.. Is By Being Away From What Makes You Hurt..!
    Thanks For Stepping By.. Looking Forward Your Next Visit.. ;)

  4. To " Bint IlKuwait " : Ee 9a7 Kalamch.. Marat 7asab Al'9roof.. But The Feeling When You Find Out Sucks.. O I Won't Care AnyMore ;Pp

  5. I like it I hope you learned from your mistakes
    ps : now did you know why hal kethr kent at7rsh XD k7 k7

  6. Yup I Did....

    LooL I Know For So Long That's Why I Know Ena Alt7resh Won't Stop..
    Ps: ( I'm READY For Te7reSh War..!! ;pP )