Saturday, January 8, 2011



Today Was A Normal Family Day.. What Surprise Me Is My Mom.. Well I Got Surprise Cuz Mom Still Looks At Me As Her Little Young Girl..!! I Mean Common I'm Old Enough To Be A Responsible Adult In front Of The Low..! And I Can Vote In Elections ( Which doesn't Interest me ;p ).. And I'm Still Little Girl To My Mom..!!!

I Know It's Mom's Nature.. But I Get Confused When I Get Treated As A Big Girl Or Little Girl..!! It Only Depends On The Situation.. Sometimes We Talk And Even We Go Through Serious Conversations.. Other Time We Just Messing Around And Laughing.. Sometimes You Are Old Enough To Do This .. Other Times You Are So Young You Don't Need To Know , Or Do , Or Say That..!!!

It's True I Hadn't That Perfect Mother-Daughter Relationship.. And I Was Always Expressing Myself ( Still Do ;p but in a different way ).. Through Time I'm Getting More Closer To My Mom.. Now Our Relationship Is Much Better Than When I Was A Teenager.. No More Tension No More Misunderstanding.. ( Well sometimes but not like before Al7mdallah)...

I Guess Moms Will Always Be Moms They Know We Are Growing Up.. But They Still Look At Us As Their Little Angels...!!!

PS: ( Something I Wanted To Express Nothing More.. O Allah Y5alech ley Ya Yumma o E5alelkom Omhatkom Yarab :** )


  1. moms will always think they know best , but thats how they show their love .

    and to them ur still that little kid they gave birth to even if you are married with grand kids :P

  2. Yeah So True.. Always Young To Your Mom..!

  3. trust me, we complain when they do it, but we'll also complain when they dont do it.

    case-in-point; on the way to work my mom asks, do u have ur phone/ wallet? and id say "im not stupid, i wont forget em".

    when i do, guess what? i tell her well why didnt u ask me?

    enjoy it :)

  4. LoooooL 7adaa We Always Like That..!!! :P
    Allaah y5alelnaa Omhatnaa o y6awel b3omrhom Yaraab