Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caught Up Inside MeMories..!!

Well.. Nothing To Do..! But To0 Much To Think About..!! ;/

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking... Is Good Yet Sometimes Brings Back Memories.. Actually Great Ones.. But Kinda Felt Down.. Lots Of Memories Not Ready To Fade Yet.. Lots Of Faces Unable To Forget.. Lots Of Situations Couldn't Erase..

Laughs.. Tears.. Happiness And Sadness.. We All Been Through So Much In Our Lives.. Nothing Is New So Far..?! It's Just The Memory Of People Who Stepped In Our lives..And Touched It Somehow.. Remembering Them Hurts Only If They Are Not Around You Now..!

You Keep Wondering.. What Happened..?! Why Aren't They Around..?! Is It Me..?! Or Them..?! Do They Miss Me Just Like I Do..?! Did I Hurt Them..?! Do They Even Remember Me..?!

I Don't Know About You.. But Those Where My Questions To Myself..!! Cuz I Had Fun With Those People... And I Don't Only Miss Those Times.. I Miss Me At That Time.. Cuz I Believe They Affected My Life.. And Affected Us.. I Know I'm So Caught Inside Memories But Who Isn't..?!

So To Those Who've Been In My Life Before.. And Not Around Now.. " I Miss You Guys "..!! You Will Always Be Part Of Me.. Part Of My Life.. Part Of Who I Am..! Thanks For Everything.. Losing You Hurts.. But I'll Give Time Some Time.. To Ease The Pain.. I Wish You All Are Here With Me.. It's Just.. It's Out Of My Hands.. And I Can't Turn Back Time.. I Wish  Our Paths in Life Cross Back Again..! I Won't forget You ..!! </3

And To Those Who Will Step In My Life In The Present Time.. And In The future.. Be Sure You Will Touch My Life.. So Plz Make It A Nice Lovely Touch..! So You Can Leave Me One Or Lots Of Great Memories To Look For When Time Pass.. And So You Can Be Part Of Who I Am Today.. And Who I Will Be Tomorrow..!!

And Here's A Song.. That Does Make Me Remember Those People And Wonder...

PS: ( If It Wasn't For You I would Never Be Who I Am.. ! ;) )



    Exactly these are my questions i don't deny it and i miss who i was and im sure that im so different now, honestly i wish everything reverse and be the way things used to be but i a admit and i know deep inside me that's impossible so i just move on along with my memories

    My memories are people who i knew back then who o changed me, let me be who i wanted let be, made me smile, cry..etc

    Really don't know what to do with my memory i just try not think about it as much as i could and accept who i am now and my surroundings :)

  2. So True...!!

    But We Can Help But To Remember and Smile.. And Move On...!! Kinda Hard... ;/

  3. It's Ok I Know How Much We Miss Those Days.. Bs Aked Kel Shay Lah Sebab o 7ekma 3shaan y9eer.. O bel Nehayaa ra7 n3rf :***