Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pay Attention.. Or Pay The Price..!!

Hello There..

I Know What I'm Going To Write About Isn't New At All.. But I Got This Feeling To Write A Little Bit About It.. It's About " Texting While Driving "...

Well Recently.. I Knew And Heard About People Getting Killed In Car Accidents Cuz They Were Texting Or Using Their Cells..! We All Know How Dangerous It Is.. Cuz Even If You Think You Can Do It.. I Bet You Don't Think How 1 Second Can Make A Huge Difference In You Life..! And Maybe In Other People's Life..!!

Seriously, We All Get Distracted  From Everything Around Us While Texting..Imagine How Distracted You Will Be While Driving..!! Well If It's Okay For You.. And You Just Don't Mind Losing You Own Life.. And Others In The Road.. Well That Just To0 Selfish Of You..

What Really Matters Are The People You Leave Behind.. Think About The Pain Losing You Can Cause.. Think About The Damage You Will Cause In Their Lives.. Do They Need To Suffer More..!!

By Being More Responsible And Drive Without Using Your Cell.. The Life You Save Could Be Not Only Yours..!! And Always Remember " Drive And Text , And you Can Be Next "..! ( Esmallah 3alekom )

Ps: ( It's Just Hard To Lose Someone Like This.. So I hope You Take Care While Driving.. Allah y7af'9kom )..


  1. god bless u.

    i love Wataniya's ad campaigns on bridges on the airport road, 5th ring etc.
    "pressing the accelerator means txt u later"

    unfortunately, the police are not doing enough, as i still see people haplessly talking on their phones, i get cut off by a person taking a crazy turn, because they are on the phone.

    they should let drivers report and arrest other drivers.

  2. Eee wallah!!! ilKuwait 9arat min il top Five i think min rate il7awadith!! shino kilyoum at least ashof 1 accident!! 9ar shay mu 6abee3ii!!:S allah ya7fith iljamee3 inshallah..

  3. LorD AymZ : Yeah So Right...! They Text And We Get To Pay For Their Mistakes..!!!

    I Hope It's No To0 Late To Make Them REalize..

  4. Bint ilKuwait: ee &adaa Shay E5awef !!
    3asaa Allaah y7af'9naaa mn kel shaar..

  5. I once crashed my car in a truck.. I was looking down staring at my GPS. Looked forward and that thing was right in front of me.

    But I don't feel bad, because at least I wasn't starting at my twitter tweets!

  6. Al7mdallah 3ala Salamtk .. Plz Next Time Take Care More Of Urself..
    It's Good U Werent Busy With ur mobile.. :P Yet Take CARE ..!