Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flying Back In Time..!!

Hello There..

You Guys Might Read My Post " Will I Be Missed..?! '' About Me Traveling To The US.. If You Didn't You Can Read It : Here

I Called The Weekend Before Sunday 30-Oct-2011 " The Weekend Of Goodbyes ''.. It Was So Fun Seeing All My Family & Friends.. All Get Together And Spent Some Quality Time.. But The Sad Part Was The Idea Of Leaving.. And Leaving All Of This Behind..

And At The Airport I Was All Fine Laughing Teasing My Sister And Big Bro.. When It Was Time To Say GoodBye The Strong Girl Here Got Soft.. After A Teary Moments By Mom, Her Friend , Auntie And Little Sis.. My Eyes Went All Wet.. But Just Couldn't Let The Tears Fall.. I Really Didn't Want To Make it More Harder On Them..

On The Plane I Started My Flight Back In Time.. It's Like I'm Traveling To Re-live The Hours I Just Spend All Over Again.. This 7 Hours Difference Sure Made That Day The Longest Day In My Life..!!

Well After That Long Flight Now I Realized I Can Handle Long Trips.. But Honestly I Hate Them.. I Was Trying to Sleep The Whole Time Just Kept Waking Up Every 30 Min.. Plus Felt So Dizzy And Nauseous Every Time I Try To Read, Or Look Through The Plane's Window..! Not Cool.. But Had To Get Through It..

The Staff Really Did Tried All Their Best To Make Our Flight More Comfortable.. And Al7mdallah we9alan Blsalama... I'll Be Posting Few Pictures So Stay Tuned :D

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