Friday, November 4, 2011

BeRo0Q8 Among Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs..!!

Hello People...

This Is Biiiiiiig..!! Here's The Good News..

BeRo0Q8 Is Now Among 100 Top Kuwaiti Blogs..!! Hehe :P

Well According To Danderma 's Monthly " Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs.. My Blog Now Made It To The October List..!! And I'm So Proud That Now It's Ranked 85th Place.. Well This Is Good For A First Time..!!

Check Danderma's  " October's Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa " : Here

This Is So Big For Me Really.. And Of Course For You Guys Who Read And Enjoy My Blog Cuz Without You I Wouldn't Get This Far..

And I Promise I'll Do My Best To Keep It Up.. Because I Love What I'm Doing Here.. From Blogging, Writing And Sharing Whatever I Think Is Interested..

Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You Everyone.. Love You All..
And Thanks Danderma For The Monthly List.. Keep It Up..


  1. Congrats on the progress ;D keep it up .. u deserve it (Y)

  2. Hadi : Thanks A lot thanks to you too for supporting me All the way :D

  3. congrats dear :)
    hope u all the best

  4. Aziz Q8Blend: Thanks Aziz matga9er :D wish you all the best too !!