Sunday, September 30, 2012

@TibaHospital 's bloggers night

Hello There..

I Was Invited Last Wednesday By @TaibaHospital To Attend A Friendly Bloggers Night At The
Regency Hotel..

I Liked The Friendly Atmosphere.. At First Mr. Rashed Alf'9ala The CEO Of Taiba Hospital Gave A Little Opening Speach Welcoming Us There..

Then Ms. Ghada Abdulkhaleq the social media executive to warm up the gathering by some mini questions.. 
And There Was A Question About " How Many Followers Does Taiba Hospital Account On Instagram have? "
And To Be Honest I Was Checking Thier Instagram Account At That Moment And answered Right :P !
And I Won a Prize:

It Was Fun..

And Then There Was A Game To Play And Win An IPhone5.. And The Game Was Kuwaiti Deal..!

Too Bad I Didn't Know How To Play It So I just Watched The Game And Learned Couple Things..
But I Took The Time While Bloggers Are Playing To Take Photos Around..

And At The End There Was A Withdraw On Few Prizes.. And Sis Won A Kuwaiti Deal.. Guess I'll Learn How To Play After All :D

Thanks A Lot Taiba Hospital For The Lovely Evening.. Had Fun..

Follow Them On Twitter: @Taibahospital
And On Instagram: Taibahospital


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