Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello World...

Few Days Back I Posted The Next  Photo On Instagram And Wrote A Thought Under It..

" We Can Be Shadows.. Depending How We See Ourselves.. Or Where The Light Is..! "

Then I Took Few Moments To Think Of What I Just Posted.. And Why I Thought About It This Way..

A Shadow Is A Dark Black Figure That Follows You Around In The Presence Of Light.. And when I Think Of The Word " Shadow  " I Always Think Of It As Being In The Sidelines.. Or It Can Also Be A Missing Space In Your Life That's Waited To Be Filled But That's How I see It..

So My Thought Was That We Can Work Hard In Our Lives.. And Do The Best We Can To Conquer Our Dreams Or Just Be The SHADOW Of Who We Truly Can Be, And Pass Through Our Lives With Just The Idea Of Living..

Or That We Can Decide Whether We Can Be An Truly Existed And Effective Role In The Lives Of The People We Care About The Most.. Or Just Take The Back Seat And Be A SHADOW That Appears Whenever They Needed..!!

And The Phrase " Where The Light Is ".. Is About Not Leaving The Light Behind Us Because That's What Make Us Dark To Others Just Like SHADOWS..!

 Let's Get Bright & Clear About Everything And Put The Light In Front Of Us.. Because That's The Only Way To Be Seen By Yourself & By Others..

Little Thoughts By,


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