Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Time To Get Tough..!

Hello Again..

There Comes A Time In Life When You Realize Being Extra Nice & Extra Polite Won't Let Go Any Further.. It's Time To Be More Aggressive.. It's Time To Be Tough..!!

It's Not About Changing Who You Are.. It's About Changing The Way You Treat People Around You.. Some People May Not Appreciate Your Overdoze Of Kindness.. But Some Do.. Some People Deserve To Be Treated Nicely.. While Others To Be Honest DON'T..!!

So Now You Are Changing The Way You Treat Others But At The Same Time Knowing Who You Are Treating And How They Deserve To Be Treated..

Being More Aggressive And Tough Doesn't Mean Wearing Boxing Gloves And Hit Everyone Around You.. Or Talking Disrespectivly To Others Or In Whatever Inappropriate Way You Can Imagine.. But Being Tough Is By Not Leting Your Extra Kindness And Cute Nice Attitude Get You In The Victim Zone Where People Can Step On You Or Even Use You..

It's Kinda Hard To Change.. But It's Never Too Late To Get Tough..

And If You Are Still Strugling With Being Nice.. Just Put On Your Mind This Quote: " Tough Times Don't Last But Tough People Do..! "

Little Thought By Me.


  1. I do agree with you on that. However, it is really hard to toughen up when u r not using to being so. But i get what u say cz u know im a target of ur post.

  2. Trust me dear to live in this world you need to have several personalities each one for different things.. for me i admit that i have my aggressive strong personalty at work .. leader personalty with the family.. and funny with my friends and kids with who i trust to be my man ... this this the life to exposed you point of weakness or they will hunt you down ... wish you all the best hunni

  3. writesz: It's Very Extra Hard To Change Part Of Who You Are.. But Nowadays It's Just A Must..!

  4. Rainy: Exactly.. For Every Situation.. And Every Person A Limits You Treat With..
    Thanks Sweetie.. And Wish You The Best :**

  5. About Princess: LoooL Thanks Sis :D So Messed Up World :P