Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Friendly In Here..!

Hello There..

It Hasn't Been So Long Ago Since I Started My Job.. You Can Read How Excited I Am : Here ..
Anyway.. I Realized Something Really Important.. No Matter Where You Work.. What's Your Job.. The Environment Surrounding You Is The Most Important Thing..!

The Reason Why I Think It's Important Because It Effect Your Productivity.. Your Mood.. Your Competitiveness.. And Of Course Your Work..

Al7mdallah.. My Work's Environment Is So Friendly.. I Really Like The People I'm Working With.. Respect Is Out In The Open.. We Mess Around, Have Mini Long Chats And Laughs When We Have A Free Time.. But When It Comes To Work We All Get Really Busy Working On It..

Everyone Is Ready To Help When Needed.. It's Ok To Ask Questions.. To Learn From Others.. And Being Nice Is Really An Amazing Thing Cuz It Gets Other Nice People Around You..

Few Things I'm Keeping On Is One Big Smile No Matter What.. To Almost Everyone.. I Won't Change That In Me.. And Of Course Saying Salam Or Hi To Even Stranger Employees Just To Spread Peace And Goodness About Yourself To Them..

It's Really Good Having A Job That You Love.. And It's Even Greater If That Job Has A Friendly Environment...

Thoughts By Me,

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