Monday, May 21, 2012

@CubeGroupKw Bloggers Night With @Talhabeeb..

Hello There..

I'm Waaaaaay Late For Posting This But I've Been Super Busy 3 Days Ago.. But I Guess "  Better Late Than Never "... !

I Was Invited By Cube Group For A Bloggers Night To Spend Time With Dr. @Talhabeeb Last Friday..

And I Really Didn't Want To Miss Such An Opportunity And Did My Best To Be There.. And Al7dmallah I Did..

Nora A Memeber In Cube Training & Consultancy Center Gave Us A Brief About The Center.. Before  The Arrival Of Dr.Tareq..

And he Showed With A Big Smile On His Face..

Dr.Tareq Started The Lecture With One Main Idea " Possitive Attitude " .. And How It Can Help Us Through Life.. How Simple Is This When Everything Goes Well If Only You Look At It Differently ..!

And There Always A Way To Control Everything That Happenes To You Whether It's A Situation, Problem Or A Conversation.. It's All About Perception.. Your Preception..!

We Also Discussed That Life Is All About Assumptions Not Facts.. And By Assumptions He Mean What Almost All The People Agree On..

We Also Discussed That All The Current Conflicts Around The World.. Are Psychological Conflicts..

Thinking Has Two Patterns : Closed And Open..
1. Closed Pattern: You Visualize Before Considering The Facts.
2. Open Pattern: You Consider The Facts Before Building A Visualization.

And For Any Normal Person The Reaction To Any Situation Goes Through 3 Stages In Order:
1. Thinking.
2. Feelings.
3. Behavior

And Finally He Gave Us 6 Steps For Anger Managment:
1. Negative Situation.
2. The Start Of Anger.
3. Intensification Of Anger.
4. Attack.
5. Confusion
6. Apologize And Blame

And By Managing You Can Control Anger By Taking The Person Who's Attacking You ( In Step 4 ) And Confuse Him In An Appropriate Way To Reach ( Step 5 And Then 6 ), Instead Of Getting Angry And Attack Back.. And The Whole Situation Goes Out Of Control.

And Thanks For The Sweet Gift..

It Was A Great Lecture.. Thank You Dr. Tareq Alhabeeb For Such An Amazing Words And Infos.. And Thanks To Cube Center And Specially Hanan Alrefaie.. And Of Course Everyone Participated For Making That Night A Success..

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  1. wow mayyan i how can i miss it :( i hope you enjoyed it and learned some valueble lesson :D

  2. Kuwait's blog I Actually did al7mdallah :D