Monday, July 2, 2012

Readers I Need Your Help..!!

Hello People

Oh and Good Morning... I Really Need Your Help...

It Was A Quiet Night And The Clock Was Ticking Nearly 11 Pm.. And Suddenly The Door's Bell Rang Breaking The Boring Silence Of Our Home.. And The Noisy Bell's Ring Was So Contagious That Everybody Came Out From Thier Room As If It Was  Spreading Life In The House..

Everyone Was Wondering Who's Visiting Us Now.. Who's That Rude Guest And What Could He Possibly Want..?!

Mom Was Looking Through The " Magic Eye - العين السحرية " And Saw A Strange Man Standing.. She Asked " Who Are You ? And What Do You Want..? " He Replied: " I Have A Gift From Asnan ".. Mom Was Kinda Scared Told Him To Put Whatever He's Carrying  Infront Of The Door And Leave..

We Waited For Dad To Come.. He Picked The Black Small Bag Inside The House.. And When He Opened It.. There Were Few Strange Stuff Inside..

A Wig.. Fake Eyelashes.. And A Ballon..!!

To Be Honest Mom Was Freaked Out.. I Bet She Didn't Sleep All Night.. Anyway The Very Next Day I Read @April_q8 From NewQ8Bride Blog And Then Asked Her About It She Told Me To Scan The Code..!

And I Did.. Here's The Link Check It Out: Here

So Now It's All Clear.. Let's Use Those 3 Hints.. And Dear Readers You Are My #4 Hint So There's No Mind Sharing Ideas With Me You Will Be Given The Credit :D .. 

We Only Have Time Before 10th Of July.. So LET'S Start Working From NOW..!!

And Thanks @AsnanTower For This Creative Spooky Idea :P.. Already Been Practising Writing A Story In This Post.. Hope Me And My Readers Come Up With The Closest Scenario.. Good Luck To All The Bloggers.. Bring It On..!!  


  1. NewQ8 Bride loooool eeh it was hehehe xD

  2. el theme song men mosalsal "Dars Khe9o9i", wel barooka welermosh ethakroni eb mash'had shahar el 3asal mal 3abdul7sain 3abdulretha weya Su3ad 3abdallah lama g3adat etsheelhom wen9edam feha so akeed bezedoon salfat throos bel Ad.... chan zain e7e6on wa7ed nfs shakh9eyat bu khamas too lol

    anyway, hope this helps a bit

  3. Th.haba: ee ana b3ad fkart mthlch :D loooool