Monday, July 9, 2012

@AsnanTower Ramadan Ad Competition.. " My Scenario "

Hello There..

Remember When I Post About @AsnanTower Ramadan Ad Competition For Bloggers.. If Not Check : Here

I Used To Have A Whole Another  Scenario For The Ad.. But Since The Second Video And The New Hint Narrowed My Imagination .. I Needed A Little Help From My Friend @EdgeiMagination From " Mask Tales " Blog.. And We Came Up With An Idea I Hope You Like It..

Readers It Will Be Both In English And Arabic:

First Part:

It Start With Newlywed Couple Who Traveled To Start Thier Honeymoon.. After Spending All Day Long Around Town.. It's Time To Get Some Rest Back In The Hotel.. After Dinner.. The Wife Started To Prepare Herself For Bed.. She Took Off Her Wig.. Her Fake Eyelashes And Removed Her Makeup.. All That Happened In Front Of Her Husband Who Was All Shocked With All Of This.. And He Started Babbling About The Fake Beauty He Was Caught With.. That's When The Wife Asked What Is He Babbling About.. He Answers " Nothing, Well At Least Least Your Smile Is All Real ". And The Wife Blushes.. But Remembers Doing Home Whitening Before The Wedding..

Second Part:

The Very Next Morning The Wife Called Room Service To Serve The Breakfast In The Balcony Before Her Husband Wake Up.. And After Setting Up Everything.. She Go And Wake Him Up Gently.. He Woke Up All Scared And Worried.. And When Wife Asks " What's Wrong?! "  He Ignores Her And Wondering Around As If He's Looking For Something.. The Wife Asks Again " What Are You Looking For..?! " .. He Kept Looking As A Last Desperate Chance To Find What He's Looking For.. The Wife Got More Curious And Asked For The Third Time.. " What Are You Looking For..?! "

He Looked Back At Her So Ashamed And Sad And Say: " Where's My Denture..?! ". And The Wife Is Silenced By Shock..!


تبدأ القصه باثنين متزوجين حديثا.. قرروا يسافرون احد الدول الاوربية لقضاء شهر العسل.. و بعد يوم حافل بالتجول والتسوق قرروا يردون الفندق عشان يتعشون و يرتاحون من هالمشاوير.. و بعد العشا قامت الزوجه تجهز روحها للنوم شالت وصلات الشعر ( الاكستنشن او الباروكه ).. و عقب شالت الرموش التركيب .. و مسحت مكياجها ( الميك اب ) .. و الزوج طبعا مستغرب من هذا كله وبدا يتحلطم..
الزوج : " انا صج انغشيت عبالي بس المكياج طلع كل شي تركيب بتركيب !! "
الزوجه: " عسى ما شر شفيك تتحلطم..؟! "
الزوج : " ماشر ماشر بس ليش كل هذا ..؟ "
 الزوجه : " وييه هذا ولا شي بعدين انا بس ابي ازيد حلاتي تدري انا عروس "
الزوج: " اي عدل.. بس تدرين مو مهم دام ابتسامتج حلوه جذي.. "

الزوجه استحت و تذكرت انه استخدامها للتبييض المنزلي كان خوش اقتراح من اختها..

الجزء الثاني:

قامت الزوجه من النوم و حبت تفاجئ زوجها فاتصلت على خدمه الغرف و طلبت ريوق بالبلكونه عشان يكون الجو شاعري.. و عقب ما تجهز كل شي قامت بكل نعومه ورقه تقعد ريلها.. الزوج قام مخترع و متوتر.. الزوجه استغربت..
الزوجه: " شفيك؟ "
الزوج ( يحقرها و يحوس بالغرفه يدور )
الزوجه: " شقاعد تدورعليه ؟! "
الزوج ( حقرها و رد يحوس بالغرفة  )

طبعا الزوجه زاد فضولها تبي تعرف شصاير
الزوجه: " اي قولي شفيك شللي قاعد تدور عليه ؟! "
الزوج: ( يطالعها مستحي و مفتشل ) : طقم اثناني

و انصدمت الزوجه لوول

I Wish The Best Of Luck For Me And For All The Bloggers.. Thank You @AsnanTower For This Fun And Creative Competition..