Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moments We Face Every Single Day..

Good Morning...

Maybe This Thought Isn't New.. Or Maybe It's.. To Be Honest I'm Not That Sure At All.. But It's A Thought That Comes By Every Once And While..

There Comes Times When Tears Were My Only Best Friend.. Were Food Is My One & Only Comfort.. Were Being Alone Is The Safest Place To Hide.. Were Sleeping Was Only The Escape Gate From Reality..

It's The Moments That Breaks You.. The Bad Thoughts That Scares You.. That's When You Choose Your Way To Get Through It.. Sometimes We Are Wise Enough To Choose The Right Thing To Do.. Sometimes We're Just Wrong.. Other Times We Just Don't Care And Don't Think At All..!

Sometimes We Don't Want To Talk About It Cuz We Are Tired Of It..  Other Times We Just Need To.. Sometimes We Show It To Others.. Sometimes We Don't.. Sometimes The Choice Of Hiding It All Inside And Put A Smile On Your Face Is The Hardest Thing To Do, But You Do It Anyway..

Lot Of Reasons To Feel Pain.. Lot Of Difficulties To Face.. Lot Of Choices To Make.. Lot Of Actions To Take.. Yet In The End There's No More Strength To Put You Through..

But You Know What, There Are Those People Who Will Always Understand You.. And Listen To You.. Whether You Choose To Speak Up Or Not To..  No Matter How Silly What's Bothering You They Know How Big It Means To You..

Thanks To Whoever Was Ready To Be There For Me Through My Bad Moments..

Little Thoughts By,


  1. Life is full with ups & downs ... that's what makes us feel alive even when it sometimes hurt!

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