Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Day Is My Day..!

Hello There..

I Was Thinking The Other Day About How HOPE Start Big But Get Smaller Through Time.. It's Like When You Start Looking At The Bright Side So Full Of The Optimistic Energy And Say: 

" This Year Is Gonna Be My YEAR..! ''

But As You Know The Year Is Combined With Good & Bad Days.. So You Start To Think With Part The Hope You Started With In The First Place.. So Now You Say:

" This Month Is Gonna Be My MONTH..! "

Then Again 30 Days Are Way More For You To Handle.. So You Lose Little Faith In Yourself.. And More With Hope.. So You Start Thinking In Some Sort Of Way: 

" This Week Is Gonna Be My WEEK..! "
But To Be Honest Life Isn't That Easy To Give You 7 Days Full Of Joy & Happiness.. Success & Fulfillment..!!

So How About You Convince Yourself In A Way That I Will Assure You Won't Disappoint You That Much.. And It's The Easiest One.. So From Now On Start Saying:

" This Day Is Gonna Be My DAY..! "

So This Way You Won't Lose Your Big Optimistic Hope Each Day.. Sure You Will Have Bad Days.. But You Will Live For Every Single Day At A Time.. No Rush.. No Pressure.. No Stress.. Just You And Each Day Itself.. 

This Way Your Hope Will Grow Bigger Instead Of Getting Smaller.. And Of Course.. Each Day Now Will Count.. Because If This Day Didn't Go Well.. There Will Be Another One To Achieve.. 

Just A Thought To Share..
By BeRo0Q8


  1. "Try one more time" that's Hope .... that what should be said every morning ... great post