Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy National & Liberation Day KUWAIT..!

Hi People..

Yesterday & Today Are Very Special Days To Kuwait Both 25-26 Of FEB Are Celebrated Here Cuz Those Two Dates Happen To Be The National & Liberation Days Of Kuwait.. 

It's Just The Time Of The Year Were Kuwaits Flag Is Seen Everywhere.. The Black.. The Green.. The White.. The Red.. Are Just Everywhere..!!

What I Like The Most About Those Two Days Is The Love For KUWAIT In The Hearts Of The People.. And The Unite That Brings Them All Together..

3asa Allah Yejma3na Bel5air o 3ala Al5air.. o 3asa Doom Ya Kuwait Emnawra Eb Afra7ech..


  1. Ameen Allah lay7remna mn elafra7, 7abeet el9owar waaaaaaayed 3ajeba ;*

  2. So, What about Q8?: Ameeen Yarab..
    7abeetch al3afyaa sweetie :***