Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Can Be The Best.. & I Cannot Be..!

Hello There..

I Think I Reached A Certain Point Where I Can't Handle The Huge Pressure On Me.. Yes I Don't..!

I'm Kinda CONTROL FREAK.. I Love To Do Everything The Way It Suppose To Be Done.. Always Think Of The Different Possibilites The Good And The Bad Just To Be Ready For My Next Move.. And I Love to Be Well Prepared For Almost Everything..

And When It Comes To Knowing Things.. I Kinda Say Whatever I Know.. And Even Spell Whatever I Think About.. Guess This Kinda Let People Around Me Come To Me For Answers And Sometimes Ask Me To Do Stuff.. Actually This Doesn't Bother Me At All.. Hey I'm Welling To Help As Long As I Can..

But Sometimes This Working Human Machine Needs A Time Out.. Almost Everyone Expecting The Best Out Of Me.. Expecting a Giving Hand.. It's Ok.. But Has It Accure To You That I May Not Do The Best.. Be The Best.. Or EvenWant To..?!

It's Great That The Best Is Always Expected By Me.. Yet I May Fail To Please You Or Disappoint You By Not Reaching Your Expectations.. I May Not Even Reach Mine..

Come To Me When In Need.. And I'll Do All What I Can To Help.. But When The Time Comes And I Fail To Answer.. Someone Else May Help Both Of Us To Answer.. So Don't Expect Too Much When I Can Give Little.. Or Expect Little When I Can Offer More..!

Just Don't Let Me Or Anyone A Prisoner To You Own Expectation.. Let Them Amaze You With All That They Can Do.. And All What They Have For You.. And All What They Can Be..

And If You Just Don't Feel Like Doing Anything For Someone Or You Are Just Had Enough.. Just Say It.. And Your Situation Might Be Understood.. It May Not.. Just Don't Let It In..

Take The Break You Need.. But Never Stop Giving.. Helping.. Or Being There..!

And If You Can Be The Best Now.. The Best Is Yet To Come..!

Thoughts By Me..

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