Saturday, August 4, 2012

When It Hurts To Say No..!!

Hello Again...

We Spend Our Lives Dreaming.. Wishing Someday They Will Come True.. Hoping To Never Let Go Of Those Dreams, Even When It Gets Tough And No More Chance Given To Those Dreams To Happen...

But What If A Gate Opens And One Of Your Dreams Are Just About To Happen.. Just Like You Always Dreamed Or Even Better.. Would You Hold That Gate Open And Live The Dream To The Extreme..?!


What If It's The Perfect Dream But Comes With All The Wrong Reasons.. And You Know You want It That Much.. But Deep Inside You Know You Have To Say No.. And Close The Gate.. Wishing, Hoping That You Made The Right Choice.. And Then Start Dreaming.. Again..

Sometimes It's Hard Doing The Right Thing.. It's Even Harder To Let Go Of Something You've Always Wanted..

But What's The Point Of Living A Dream When You Can't Enjoy Every Moment Of It Cuz You Know It's Just Not Right..?!!

Then You Know Better That This Is Not How That Dream Will Happen.. Because You Sure Gonna Feel.. You heart Will Tell You.. Before Your Mind Think It Over Again..

To Me I Always Trust My Inner Instinct Never Disappointed Me Before.. Yet I Was Stubborn Sometiems To Not Follow It.. And I Confess Till This Day Of Rgeretting That..

So It's Ok When You Let Go Of A Dream To Happen.. Cuz You Have Reasons Not Just Any Reasons It Better Be A Good Ones.. But It's Never Ok To Let Go Of A Dream For No Reason..

Maybe It's Not Right.. Or Maybe It's.. But You Have To Feel It Before You Live It..

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  1. Dreams are the perfect future you visualized long ago, it's the highest point of satisfaction from your point of view. Unfortunately there's no real life standards to dreams .. some fits in real world, some not. Sometimes we need to adjust, sometimes adjusting means losing too much!! ... chase it as hard as you can 'til the point you won't regret letting go

  2. Hadi: wise words... not everything we want we get !!

    1. True ... in some cases "nothing* we want we get !!"